Profile - John Buckman - Creative Commons

John Buckman is a serial entrepreneur, Member of the Board of Directors of Creative Commons and a thoughtful writer on topics concerning digital rights and open source business models. In 2006 he launched the booksharing platform BookMooch, with thousands of contributors flocking to the online service in a matter of weeks, and in May 2003 an independent, profitable online record label Magnatune, with the motto "We are not evil". Magnatune selects its own artists, sells its catalog of music through online downloads and print-on-demand CDs and licenses music for commercial and non-commercial use.

Frustrated by the music industry’s unfair treatment of artists, Buckman decided to create Magnatune Records as an artist-friendly record label that shares profits equally with musicians and allows them to retain the rights to their work. Magnatune has successfully used Creative Commons and Open Source principles to establish a new kind of business model for the music industry.

Prior to founding Magnatune, Buckman founded Lyris Technologies in 1994. Lyris sells software for email newsletters and spam prevention. The company was generating $12m in annual revenues when Buckman sold it in 2005. Previous employment includes The Discovery Channel and The Academy for Advanced and Strategic Studies in Washington, D.C.


(Source: Media in Transition 2007)