Profile - Matthias Koehler - Oszillation

Matthias Köhler started Oszillation Records and Studios Munich, an Online Musiclabel and Media Distribution company in 1999. The goal is to create a portal for niche interests in music and video and use the interactive nature of the web to create community based content.

Oszillation extended it’s reach in the years between 2001 and 2005, partnering with iTunes, eMusic, Rapsody and other distro services on the web, and can now offer producers and customers the access to a truly global media pipeline. Further, Oszillation teamed up with the technology behind Weedshare Shared Media Licensing and created a top download platform for media files – Weedis, offering a new way to market into P2P networks.

His productions “Impulse”, “Postal Delivery” and “India Roots” got top 10 rankings on international music download sites. He created filmmusic for documentaries and the German TV series “Tatort” (the popular TV police series), and around 25 released albums and singles.

Matthias has a B.Sc. in Economics and IT from the University of Augsburg, Germany, and a classical training as a pianist, including music theory and composition. He is an expert with studio technology and audio recording gear. Further, he has gained extensive experience at Oracle Headquarter Central Europe, Creative Labs and ARRI Headquarter. Matthias is the organizer of the Media in Transition Conference 2006.


(Source: Media in Transition 2007)