Speakers at the Media in Transition 2007 Conference

The speakers at the Media in Transition 2007 Conference are:


Mrs. Annet Aris 
Adjunct Professor of strategy at INSEAD, Fountainebleau, and former Director of McKinsey's German Media Practice, Fountainebleau

Mr. Lorenz Bogaert
Founder and CEO of Netlog - Europe's largest Online Social Network, Brussels

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg
Inventor of the MP3 Standard (MPEG Audio Layer 3) and Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Mediatechnology - IDMT, Ilmenau

Mr. John Buckman
Member of the Board of Directors Creative Commons, Serial Entrepreneur - Founder of Magnatune, Bookmooch and Lyris, San Francisco

Mr. Chris Dumke
Organizer - Media in Transition 06/ 07, Principal at Mergd Consulting, Waterloo, Canada

Mr. Ibrahim Evsan
CEO and Founder of sevenload, Germany's largest Web 2.0 Media Platform for Photos and Videos, Cologne

Dr. Till Evert
Department Business and Legal at CELAS GmbH, Administration of the European Media Rights of EMI Publishing Group for Online and Mobile markets, Munich

Mr. Matthew Gertner
Co-Founder and CTO of AllPeers, Firefox-based P2P Filesharing Application, Prague

Mr. Joachim Graf
Founder and CEO of HighText Publishing, publisher of iBusiness, Speaker of the Board of FIWM (Munich Network for IT & Media), Munich

Mr. Christoph Janz
Founder and Chief Product Officer of Pageflakes, personalized Internet Content Aggregator, San Francisco

Mr. Ajit Jaokar
Founder and Publisher of Futuretext Publishing, Founder of the top 20 wireless blog Open Gardens, London

Mr. Juergen Jaron
Founder and CEO of Magix AG and Mufin MusicFinder, Germany's (and Europe's) largest Multimedia Software Company, Berlin

Mr. Matthias Koehler
Organizer - Media in Transition 06/ 07, CEO of Oszillation Media, Audio/Video Production, Distribution and Event Organization, Munich

Mr. Petter Karal
Founder and CEO of EZMO Music Portal, personalized Music Storage and Search Service, in cooperation with Enterprise Search Engine FastSearch, Oslo

Mr. Paul Pod
Founder and CTO of, Tioti - "Tape it off the Internet", TV Web 2.0 social network service, London

Mr. Martin Stiksel
Founder and CEO of Last.fm - "The Social Music Revolution": Online Social Network, Europe's largest Web 2.0 Success, London

Mr. Simon Willison
Co-Creator of the Django Web Application Framework, OpenID Expert and former Yahoo! London Lab Developer, London